Rick Scott's Approval Rating Falls to 27 Percent in Conservative Poll

The Democratically aligned Public Policy Polling and the nonpartisan Quinnipiac University polling service have both shown that Rick Scott's approval ratings are about the worst of any governor in the nation. But some of Rick Scott's fervent supporters might be the type to doubt the accuracy of "the lamestream media." Well, the conservative-slanted Sunshine State News has commissioned a poll and found Scott's approval rating to be lower.

Sunshine State News -- which, as evidenced by the defensive tone of the post, slants well to the right -- commissioned the poll from Voter Survey Service. The survey shows that only 27 percent of Floridians approve of Scott's job performance, while 58 percent disapprove.

Compare that to the PPP poll released late last month, which showed Scott with a 33/59 approval/disapproval. A Quinnipiac poll in May showed a 29/57 percent split.

We're not suggesting that Sunshine State News or Voter Survey Service would try make the poll somewhat favorable to Scott or questioning their accuracy. We're just saying that no matter which way you slice it and no matter who conducts the poll, one thing remains clear: Rick Scott is deeply unpopular.

The poll was conducted from July 5 to 7 and comes after Scott showing some moves hinting he might be trying to improve his popularity, including an ill-fated letter-writing campaign.

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Robin Miller
Robin Miller

Write to:

Ann Scott700 North Adams StreetTallahassee, FL 32303

Tell her please, don't let Rick run again. He said the only person who could talk him out of running for a second term was his wife, Ann. Fine. Let's talk her into having Rick resign. 


@KAS: I'm sorry to say that this state is full of total idiots...starting with Govenor Lurch. All those people who voted for him are now realizing just what atotal jerk he really is (I already knew this from my time working for him in one of his ill-fated hospitals). "Let's get to work? Right! Where are the jobs that you promised, you criminal!!!


Will somebody please call out the feds on this slippery toad,  How in the world did he legally win?  The votes were never questioned and 50 percent of the State of Florida supposedly voted him in office,  I'd really like some comfort that there aren't that many total idiots that live in the state I love.


Criminal is a little harsh.  I think un-convicted criminal is better.  By the way, the 3% that he "asked" the state employees to pay did not go into the retirement fund.  That means he short-changed the system by 2 billion dollars last year.  Added to the other 3 billion in the previous years that kind of waters down the half billion he's bragging about putting in.  UN-CONVICTED CRIMINAL!

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