Should Florida Veterans Hall of Fame Include Rick Scott and Six Confederate Soldiers?

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We all know the Rick Scott administration isn't big on creating new government programs, but Scott's former chief of staff, Mike Prendergast, who now heads the state Department of Veterans Affairs, wants to institute a Florida Veterans Hall of Fame. Scott signed off on a bill authorizing the creation of the hall earlier this year.

Nothing controversial there in and of itself. However, Prendergast's suggestions for the initial class includes Gov. Scott himself as well as six former Confederate soldiers.

Prendergast, a retired Army Col. with close ties to Scott, has submitted a list for approval by the Florida cabinet for the initial induction class. Oddly, every name on the 21-person list is a former Florida governor who served in the armed forces.

It seems to us that former governors already get their share of honor. Meanwhile, ordinary Florida citizens who served in the military are left without recognition. The list also leaves out woman and minorities who have served in the armed forces.

Perhaps most shockingly, though, is that it would honor vets who fought against the U.S. Army. Six former governors would be recognized for their service in the Confederate Army.

Rick Scott himself would also be honored. He served in the Navy for 29 months as a radar technician on the USS Glover.

Each inductee would be honored with a plaque in the state capital.

Some lawmakers are already asking the Cabinet to scrap the initial list.

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my grate grandfather rode with dickerson 2nd&5th fla. cav. and did not live through the war,my daugther is now in the u.s. army.

michael wind
michael wind

next we will have a confederate weekend in south beach,just like urban weekend it should provide us with international news coverage

David McCallister, Tampa FL
David McCallister, Tampa FL

What is "shocking" about recognizing Florida's CSA Veterans? Florida was in the CSA at the time! These folks are our FAMILY- at least those of us who've had kin in Florida at the time. Florida was a colony loyal to Britain in the Revolutionary War, too. Men do what they must to defend their homes and families, and answer the call of their country.It's all facts of history, folks. Only persons ignorant of history would think otherwise- unless they have an agenda of insensitivity and divisiveness. The VFW and AM Legion need to weigh in on the side of ALL Veterans. Any war, including WWII and Vietnam, much less Iraq and Afganistan, may be subject to future politically correct movements- we need to stop this nonsense NOW.  

Historically accurate
Historically accurate

P.L. 83-425, enacted by Congress in 1958, recognizes Confederate veterans as American veterans and grants to them all rights and privileges of any other American veteran. Governors Madison Starke Perry, Edward A. Perry and William Bloxham were all Confederate veterans and also outstanding governors and should certainly be included in such a list as being considered by the state. Bob Hurst, Tallahassee, FL


Rick Scott doesn't want to support poor/sick vets, no honors for him!

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