Stephen Colbert Takes on Allen West and Debbie Wasserman Schultz Feud

Categories: Politicks
The spat between Rep. Allen "Black David Letterman" West and Rep. Debbie "home perm after model" Wasserman Schultz rocked the political world yesterday, so of course it wound up on The Colbert Report last night. And being the faux right-winger he is, Stephen Colbert had to wonder "what kind of three dollar brothel" Wasserman Schultz was raised in.

If you're wondering what the latest developments in the spat are, well, West may or may not have ended up apologizing, but no one is really sure.

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Colbert is great
Colbert is great

F- spell checker.   That was a great clip.  Tell the writer to his face about the need for spellchecker.

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