Twelve-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shot by Brother

Categories: Crime
A 12-year-old girl was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital last night after she was shot by her brother. The brother, in his early 20s, was carrying a gun when it accidentally discharged and sent a bullet into the girl's leg. She's recovering and in stable condition. Update: The brother has now been arrested. 

The incident happened around 6 p.m. in a home near 404 NW Sixth St. in Overtown.

"I just saw her on the floor, and she had blood on her leg," Ashley Leonard, the girl's best friend, told WSVN.

Witnesses say the older brother tried to stay clam and help his sister. Police took him in for questioning, but he has not been charged with anything yet.

Updated: Police have now arrested Tyrone David Harris, Jr., the girl's 21-year-old brother. However the shooting still seems to be accidental. 

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I am sorry for the sisters injuries and the pain caused by this unnecessary incident, however dont call it an accident! Gun owners have a responsibility to gun ownership and we are accountable for our own actions. I dispise the term relating to guns as accidents. I would much rather it be termed "stupidity"!

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