Two Arrested in South Beach Shooting of NYPD Detective

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Lee and Henriquez
Mustafa Cornelius Lee, 28, and Francisco Henriquez, 35, have been charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting off-duty New York City Police Department Detective Harold Thomas in South Beach over the weekend. The shooting appears to have stemmed from a robbery attempt.

Harold, 48, has spent 27-years on the force and is on the Joint Terrorism Task Force. He was vacation in Miami Beach with two other NYPD officers over the weekend, when he was shot just after 7 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The gunfight broke out in front of his hotel, 1233 Lofts at 12th Street and Collins. Harold may have managed to get one shot off from his gun before being critical injured.

It appears that Lee and Henriquez attempted to rob the officer. They're both being charged with attempted armed robbery as well. Miami Beach Police have stated they don't believe the incident was related to Harold's work as an NYPD officer.

Thomas was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he is still recovering form serious injuries.

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I hope he recovers just enough to be shot again.

Attempted murder!
Attempted murder!

As predicted these criminals had multiple arrests. They were on South Beach hunting for victims.

Guess they found the "wrong" victim?

Repeat violators
Repeat violators

I bet the criminals both have multiple arrests. They should have been in prison already.

Why was the NYPD officer up at 7:00 am?


And why was he vacationing in South Beach?


During that particular weekend (I was there, stayed at the Essex House 2 blocks away), there are a multitude of parties that don't end til the very wee hours of the morning so it's not uncommon for people to just be getting back to their rooms at that time.

They probably followed him back to his hotel from the club.

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