Barcelona v. Chivas, Riptide v. Twitter Tonight at 8:30

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Darz Mol via Wikimedia Commons
Leo Messi, "the bionic flea," is unlikely to play tonight, but newly signed Alexis Sánchez will.
​Tonight, an impish horde of tiny men dressed in blue and maroon stripes will run around in circles at Sun Life Stadium for 90 minutes. Don't worry -- this is not a Dolphins preseason halftime show gone horribly wrong. Nor did Billy the Marlin drink one too many beers and forget his giant Styrofoam fish head.

No, this is fútbol, friends. And those imps with the ball velcroed to their feet play for FC Barcelona, probably one of the greatest soccer squads of all time.

There are plenty of reasons to attend. But if you can't make it to the ballpark to see Barca take on Mexican powerhouse Chivas de Guadalajara, you can still follow along on Twitter, where we will wage our own battle against technology all night long.

Like our newly recruited columnist Jack McKeon, we don't know much about the Twitter bug the kids have caught these days.

But we promise to tweet more than "Goooooooooooool! Gol! Gol! Gol! Gol! Gol!"

That would be annoying.

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Brian John
Brian John

"An impish horde of tiny men dressed in blue and maroon stripes"?. What a moranic statement to publish!

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