Body of Jet Skier Pulled From Biscayne Bay, Might Be Missing Man (Update)

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photo by Czine Zoltan via Wikimedia Commons
Rescuers pulled the body of a white male out of Biscayne Bay around 8:30 this morning after he was spotted floating just south of the Julia Tuttle Causeway. The man was a jet skier, Gabriella Ferraro, a Florida Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman, tells Riptide -- but he hasn't been ID'd yet and it's not clear how he died.

The Coast Guard spent hours searching for a missing Jet Skier yesterday, Ferraro says, and officers are trying to determine if the body is the same man.

Update: Ferraro says the man is 24-year-old Javier Lopez, the same jet skier reported missing this weekend.

"We're investigating whether there was a collision that led to this drowning," Ferraro says.

Ferraro says they'll likely be able to ID the victim in the next couple hours -- we'll update the post when we learn more.

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Totally got woken up by the sound of the search and rescue chopper! Creeeeeeeeepy

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