Burt Reynolds's Florida Home Faces Foreclosure

Not even Burt Reynolds and his legendary mustache are immune to Florida's foreclosure fiasco. According to a lawsuit filed by Merrill Lynch Credit Corp., Reynolds hasn't made a mortgage payment on his multimillion-dollar mansion in Hobe Sound since August 2010. Not even the Bandit himself can keep himself out of foreclosure. 

Merrill Lynch is seeking almost $1.2 million because Reynolds is behind on the mortgage on his spread along the Intracoastal Waterway. The property is a 12,500-square-foot Mediterranean-style home on a four-acre lot. 

In order to satisfy the debt, Merrill Lynch is asking a judge to order the sale of the house. 

"I am as surprised as everyone. I thought my career and my life could not be going better," Reynolds said in a statement released by his publicist to USA Today. "To all of the people who have had such faith in me and stuck by me through thick and thin, thank you. I know it is not the end of the world. 

"There are a hell of a lot of other people worse off than I am, and my heart goes out to them. I will do like I've always done, keep my head up high and continue to move on down the road."

Reynolds's mustache was unavailable for comment. 

Reynolds, who moved to South Florida when he was 10, had listed the home for sale in 2009 for $8.9 million, but noted at the time that Florida's real estate market was making it difficult to unload the property. 

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Cape Coral Properties
Cape Coral Properties

If you're being foreclosed on because you can't pay your financial responsibilities that you took on. This is very bad. If You will lose your house with a foreclosure, and any equity you might have. You will also have your credit ruined, and don't plan on buying another house anytime soon.


If, as the lawsuit states, Reynolds has not made a payment on his more than 12,000 square-foot house since September of 2010, then foreclosure is a serious risk.    http://bit.ly/nQYk4r

Sandra Conti
Sandra Conti

It's shocking that anyone can lose their home to a foreclosure but you would think that anyone who buys such an expensive house would either buy it all cash or live within their means. Burt will be ok as he says, he just needs to get more movie/t.v. roles, like maybe an appearence on Burn Notice,...oh he did that already. Oh well, hope things work out for him. He still has more money then me although that's not saying much!

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