Chad Henne Has Feelings, Does Not Appreciate Dolphins Fans Hurting Them

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If you prick Chad Henne does he not bleed? If you tickle him does he not laugh? If you stand outside practice and openly boo him does he not get all butthurt about it?

Of course, from Henne's on-the-field inconsistencies we should know that the man is very much human, open to error and all, and as a human he does not appreciate the people heckling him.

Earlier this week, some Dolphins fans went to the team's practice field and booed Henne while starting chants of "We Want Orton!" Of course, the Kyle Orton trade seems officially dead, and it looks like we have a full season of Henne-bot ahead of us. Assuming Henne can forgive those mean fans and play.

"I'm human," Henne said of the jeers according to Omar Kelly's Twitter. "Deep down inside it does hurt."

Previously, coach Tony Sparano went on the record saying the jeers made him sick to his stomach, a sentiment Henne appreciated.

"As a player you appreciate your coaching coming out and stand up for you," Henne said.

However, he understand the criticism somewhat.

"You want the respect of your fans. You want them to have your back," he said. "But obviously if I'm doing bad they will critique me."

And now, with our feelings all sorted out, our tissues dampened and crumpled in a waste bin, and the realization that Henne is the man in Miami for better or worse, lets get over it and get ready for next season (and then make a plan to draft or trade for a better QB next year).

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tractor pull
tractor pull

As usual neither Kyle or Miami's fake fans know  anything. The offensive line sucks, the Dolphins do not run the ball well, they do not pass the ball well. Any NFL QB will fail in Miami until the line is consistent.If you give a QB time they will pick a defense apart, stop the BS and give Henne a line so he can count to three or four instead of one or two. Do you people watch the games?Sparano is not the guy, the rah-rah nonsense does not work in the NFL. See Nick Saban for confirmation.


how about we not wait until next year and nip this in the butt right now, we've already missed out on some quality QB's playing this lil Henne game... I never liked him and I'm a Dolphfan since I was born

William Pupo
William Pupo

When you start throwing the ball to Brandon Marshall the boos will stop


How's this Henne...the fans will stop booing you when you stop sucking. Either that or stop collecting a paycheck...funded by the fans season ticket sales and NFL TV money. K?

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