Channing Crowder Rips Chad Henne, Plans to Get Drunk at Dolphins Games

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Though he announced his retirement last week, former Miami Dolphin Channing Crowder says he is open to returning to the game next season after the birth of his first child. Don't expect the Fins to come calling. Bridges have been burned. He ripped both quarterback Chad Henne and general manager Jeff Ireland this morning on WQAM but still plans to get his drink on at tailgating time at Sun Life Stadium.

Crowder called into The Joe Rose Show this morning and said he'll think about returning to the NFL in a year or two. He doesn't seem to think he'll be missing much with the Fins this year as long as they have Chad Henne. Rose asked Crowder if he thinks Henne can deliver for the team.

"As of what I've seen so far, no," Crowder replied. "He hasn't really proven anything to me while I played with him, and now being on the other side looking down at him as a fan.

"He's not impressing me either. He has all the tangibles. His feet work funny. Arm strength he has; he can make some good throws," Crowder continued. "But the intangibles, the winning the game, wanting to have everything on his shoulder like the Bradys and Mannings, and wanting to be down by five with a minute left on the 20-yard line -- let's see what happens. He doesn't have that in his heart yet. And I think it'd be hard for him to win."

Crowder would be willing to admit he put his foot in his mouth. And he's free to do so now that he doesn't have to deal with Jeff Ireland. Crowder said he was constantly called in to talk to Ireland and fined several times when a crazy quote embarrassed the team. Come on, Ireland, it might not be that way in Dallas, but Miami fans eat up that kind of swag like it's breakfast.

Crowder did, however, affirm his respect for Tony Sparano. He also said he'd plan to attend a few games. "I'm gonna get there early," Crowder said. "I'm gonna walk around, I'm gonna steal everybody's liquor. Six years of playing, I know I deserve a couple drinks at some tailgates. I'm coming to the stadium, I'm coming with no ticket, dead broke, and I'm gonna start walking around and see what I can muster up off my stellar personality."

Crowder is also considering opening his own liquor store.

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man i'll share with you crowder! lol i got a pic of you above my desk and even tho you're not on the team anymore it aint coming down! neither is ricky's!


Considering he was the reason many Running backs would break off big runs through the middle, and he couldn't play coverage to save his life (plus many little injuries) he was one of the biggest waste's of money we had on the defensive side for the years he was here. Every year people were hoping he would fix the holes in his game, and he would just come back more sloppy. Good riddance, Mr.Crowder the only drink i'd give you is water, and thats cause you're 'broke'.

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