Chris Bosh's Insane Back Tattoo

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The NBA lockout gives players a chance to pursue some of their passions. LeBron James is brushing up on his NFL commentator skills. Dwyane Wade is designing watches. Chris Bosh is busy flying tattoo artists to far-away islands to add to the ever-growing montage of nightmarish images he calls a back tattoo.

Bosh had his favorite tattoo team fly to Miami on Friday to add to the work, but then decided he'd rather get inked somewhere a little more exotic. According to his tattoo artist's blog, he put his posse on a jet and flew them to the Viceroy Hotel in Anguilla.

The tattoo artist then spent the next three days inking up Bosh's back. Here are the results:

The tattoo isn't quite finished yet. It still needs about 20 hours of work to complete, but Bosh hopes to have it finished off in time for the start of the season. Assuming there is one. If not, maybe Bosh will have time to get that ice cream tattoo we've always secretly wished he wanted.

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No clip cord covers, no barriers. Cross contamination everywhere. Can you say staph infection!


And wtf is he watching on tv while getting inked? Looks weirder than the ta


Weird ink One of the ugliest players in the NBA making himself even uglierHe should be spending his time working on his power drop stepDon't really understand why Bosh is even considered a top tier player, must have an amazing agent


Odd assortment there.  Like a lot of things with Bosh, slightly off.

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