Dolphins Sign QB Kevin O'Connell

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Well, the Miami Dolphins have signed another quarterback, and, in the process, delivered another disappointing development for fans starving for a decent QB. The latest man to join the Fins' roster is Kevin O'Connell, a free-agent who has done a tour of duty in the AFC East by warming the bench for the Patriots and Jets, and also had a few-day stint with the Detroit Lions. Ironically, his only previous playing experience in the NFL came against the Dolphins.

O'Connell made his NFL debut in 2008 for the Patriots while they just happened to be playing against the Dolphins. He made three completions out of four attempts and sat around for the rest of the season. He was traded to the Lions and released five days later in 2009, and then wound up with the Jets. He sat out the 2010 season with a torn labrum in his throwing arm.

Now he's in Miami, where he'll probably end up furthering his tour of the AFC East's benches.

He's been signed to a one-year contact.

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Are you fucking kidding me!!!!

As far as im concerned there is no football season this year.


another trash of a qb thanks !

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Where's the brain stem?I long for the Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Jimmy, Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Jimmy, Jimmy and Danny, Danny and Jimmy days. Tony Sporano needs to sleep with the fishes.

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