Dwyane Wade Offered $2 Million Monthly Salary to Play in China

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Could Dwyane Wade be taking his talents to the Middle Kingdom? Reports suggest that MV3 has been offered an appealing $2 million-a-month salary to play for a Chinese team during the NBA lockout. It doesn't appear Wade is ready to take the offer, which should make Heat fans sigh in relief, considering we know Wade is prone to injuries.

According to The Chicago Tribune, Wade may have been offered the hefty salary by the Zhejiang Guangsha (AKA The Lions) of the Chinese Basketball Association. Though, the team hasn't confirmed the offer.

However, Wade isn't ready to suit up in the Guangsha's black and gold uniform just yet.

"We are not there yet," Wade said while speaking to China Daily. "We are going to start working out. The time to consider that has not come."

Plus, the CBA is considering a ban on all foreign player who would not commit to playing in the league for a full season. Their season runs from December to May, and Wade would be required to return to the Heat once the lockout is lifted.

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Hey we've outsourced most of the other good jobs, why not DWade's?

michael wind
michael wind

eggrolls for dwayne,lebron will play in turkey,carnival cruise will move to europe,miami will be new havana,bananas for everybody,colombians and mexican criminals will live togheter with cuban criminals in south dade,russian mafia will control north dade and the beaches,all police will be swat,the future and reality now of miami dade...


HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! michael you are so funny (and right)

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