eBay User Who Bid $1 Million For Casey Anthony Mask Just Wanted to Scold Seller

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Remember last week, when a latex mask of accused murderer Casey Anthony garnered a top bid of $999,900 on eBay?

Yeah, that didn't make any sense. Today, it does: The purported buyer just wanted to scold the seller in eBay's feedback section.

Maverick online-auction-manipulator jnco6970 gave seller prophunter "neutral" feedback-- ooh, burn!-- and wrote: "You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to profit off a childs death!!!"

We're assuming Jnco6970 will not be forking over the million clams for the latex mask. And though eBay auctions are then supposed to go to next-highest bidder, we're also a bit dubious about the people who placed high bids of $999,800, $900,200, $900,000, $700,000... you know, we do believe the guy who bid $150, even though even that's a little weird.

Apparently, this was a kamikaze move by the million-dollar bidder: jnco6970 is no longer a registered eBay user. It put an end to a vibrant career on the auction site, where he had a feedback rating of 81 and once reviewed the Playstation game Legend of Legaia:

i purchased game for a employee at my job. he wanted it, gave me money, i got it for him. his words about this game: He played it a long time ago, he liked it, fell in love with it while playing it and wanted it when he heard i shop on ebay since its something he doesnt do.

Jnco6970, American hero.

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Keir Heath
Keir Heath

Let's be honest- I doubt even Lizzie Borden’s axe will fetch such a price. How could anyone throw away such money for memorabilia relating to an event that few will remember in a decade’s time? It’s not something that will appreciate in value.www.tracesofevil.com

Miami Bars
Miami Bars

Well, that was more than obvious.  Who wasn't scratching their heads over this one.  What millionaire would have paid for such a thing - only a pretty deranged one, I suppose.

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