Jon Huntsman Spirals Into Irrelevancy by Making Big Deal Out of Jeb Bush Jr. Endorsement

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Yesterday the beleaguered presidential campaign of Jon Huntsman sent a mysterious notice to the press about a "major announcement" to be unveiled at Scotty's Landing in Coconut Grove. Well, that announcement is happening as we type this post. The big hoopla was all about Jeb Bush Jr. joining the campaign. Yes, Jeb Bush Jr., the ex-governor's son who is most notable for being caught in a Tallahassee mall parking lot screwing his girlfriend.

It's a pivotal week in the Republican primary race. Texas Gov. Rick Perry's all-but-certain entrance is expected to reshape the field. A major Fox News-sponsored debate is set for tomorrow in Iowa, and the important Ames Straw Poll is set for this Saturday. So what does Hunstman pull out to help nab more than 2 percent support? A Jeb Bush Jr. endorsement, which is a major letdown after some were theorizing he could be announcing the endorsement of the actual Jeb Bush.

"Today at 11:15 a.m. at Scotty's Landing in Miami, I will join Gov. Huntsman to formally endorse his candidacy and accept a role as National Chairman of GenH -- the campaign's youth and young professionals outreach program," Bush Jr. wrote on the campaign HBLOG. "I will be joined by fellow Floridian Ana Navarro, who will join the campaign as National Hispanic Chairperson."

But Bush Jr. is a nobody. If it weren't for his last name and his teenage sexy-time arrest, no one would even know who he is. His previous experience in politics includes running a similar young professionals group for Rudy Giuliani's ill-fated 2008 presidential campaign. Is this really the best Huntsman can do? Making a big hoopla out of the endorsement of someone's kid?

What's next for Huntsman? A Patti Davis endorsement?

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This the best Huntsman can do? Some 22 year kid with no valid experience?

A Jeb Bush, Jr? Huh?


Really? Posting a pic of the kid after he was arrested for having sex in a car? Everyone at Riptide is Michelle Bachmann now?

michael wind
michael wind

all government official are getting togheter and eating in nice places,no one cares for the middle class or the poor,its a reality do not vote for the rich politicians elect regular people..


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