Watch All 17 Seconds of Kimbo Slice's Professional Boxing Debut

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After disappointing attempts at mixed martial arts and professional wrestling, Miami's back-yard brawling sensation Kimbo Slice might have finally found his professional punch-throwing niche: boxing. Sure, the competition was considerably low-level, but over the weekend Slice made his boxing debut and knocked his opponent out in 17 seconds flat. Watch the whole fight below. 

Decked out in black "305"-marked shorts, Slice took on James Wade (no relation to either LeBron or Dwyane) and knocked him into the ropes in seconds. The brawl went down at Buffalo Run Casino in Miami -- Miami, Oklahoma, that is.

Sure, Wade brought a 0-1 record into the ring, and the matchup was no doubt set up to ensure good chances at a Slice win. Then again, so was Slice's debut in EliteXC, and he managed to be on the other end of a quick knockout.

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When writing an article, at least do a little research on the subject matter.  Especially if you are going to make sarcastic remarks about one of the toughest guys on this planet.  You will find info on Kimbo Slice is not hard to obtain. If you need someone who can present the facts and write an article that reads well, just let me know.


Slice's debut in EliteXC was against Bo Cantrell, which Kimbo won in the first round.


How did the coon do against Seth P ?

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