Logan Morrison And His Twitter Demoted As LoMo Rips Marlins For Move

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​The Florida Marlins would have you believe they abruptly demoted fan favorite Logan Morrison after last night's loss to the Giants because his batting average dipped below .250 -- an excuse so blatantly untrue that Jeffrey Loria must have been cackling in his Hamptons mansion as he helped ghost-write the press release.

LoMo was sent packing because he wouldn't toe the line, wouldn't keep his mouth shut on Twitter and freely criticized Loria and his dwarfish henchman, David Samson. He blasted the team again today, and it's tough to imagine we'll ever see LoMo again playing for the Fish. Great work, Loria.

Morrison got the news after the team's uninspired 3-0 loss to the Giants, when President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and GM Mike Hill pulled him into their office with the news.

"I couldn't even say anything at that point, I was so mad," Morrison tells The Palm Beach Post.

In a long conversation with the paper and other reporters, he said the decision to send him to AAA New Orleans was definitely not about his game. (Worth noting: Morrison is second on the team in home runs, third in RBIs and third in OPS.)

LoMo didn't specify what "off field" issues he thought were behind the demotion, but Morrison had recently canceled two promotional events organized by the team over arguments about how they'd been planned.

The real reason probably goes back much farther, though. Morrison isn't afraid to call a spade a spade, or a horrible owner and team president a horrible owner and team president. When Marlins hitting coach John Mallee was canned early this season, Morrison told reporters that Loria had ordered the hit.

The next day, Loria called him into his office and told him to keep his mouth shut. "I was asked a question, I told the truth. I guess I won't do that any more," he told the Post at the time.

As Jeff Passan at Yahoo pointed out, the smackdown was the latest tyrannical move in "a franchise operated by thieves."

Morrison's demotion is the logical next step for the Fish's cynical owners. Here's Morrison's full take on the move, via The Palm Beach Post:
"I'm freaking heart broken and disappointed."

(Did they give you an explanation?)

"Because I was hitting .240. Yeah. That's what they said. So. I don't know if that makes any sense to me or to you guys but all I know is I go out and I give everything for this team. I play hurt, I play through injury and this is how you get treated. It doesn't seem very fair or right to me."

(Did they talk about your 17 homers or 60 RBI?)

"No, they didn't say anything about that. They didn't say anything about maybe the reason I was hitting 240 is because of I was getting the guy in from third, rolling over ground balls, not worrying about averages, trying to get the run in.

"Am I gonna say I've had the best of years or the year I wanted have? Absolutely not. But I'm never satisfied. And uh... .man...."

(Did they say to work on your defense or...? )

"No. They didn't I asked for an explanation and the one I got was I was hitting .240."

(Did they give you an idea of when you might be recalled?)

"No. They didn't say anything like that."

(Sounds like this caught you completely off guard.)

"Absolutely. Yeah. I mean... I just don't think this is the way its supposed to be at all."

(Do you think there's more to their decision other than what they told you?)

"I absolutely do."

(Do you think you have been too candid?)

"No. I don't think it's that. I think it's something else but I don't know if I want to say it right now."

(Related to on-the-field stuff?)

"No, no. It's more off-the-field."

(Do you want to play here?)

"Do I want to play in Florida? I want to play for a big-league team and yes, yes. That's the big-league team I am with now, or the organization I am with since I am in Triple-A. Yeah. I do."

(Do you think eventually this will turn into a motivator?)

"I don't know. Right now I just feel resentment and anger. I guess anger can motivate. Sure."

(When did they give you the news?)

"I was about to get treatment on my knee and my arm that I just left on the warning track but, uh, I got called into the office right there."

He said baseball operations president Larry Beinfest delivered the news in a room with manager Jack McKeon, general manager Mike Hill and bench coach Brandon Hyde.

"I had no idea what is was, other than they said we're going to exercise our right to option you to Triple-A. I was like... I walked out. I couldn't even say anythign at that point, I was so mad."

(Are you surprised Wes Helms was released?)

"Yeah. That's surprising, too. I don't understand it. But I have a feeling it has something to do with the same incident.''

(Can you elaborate?)

"I don't want to say much right now."

(This your hardest day professionally?)

"Yeah. Stand up for whats right and this happens... It's not right. I don't knwo what else to say about that but it's not right."
This morning, Morrison went back to Twitter, with a simple message for his 60,000 followers who surely will not be helping Loria correct his team's last-in-the-big-leagues again attendance figures.

Thx guys 4 all of ur kind words & support. Really means a lot! "A bend in the road isnt the end of the road...unless u fail 2 make the turn"less than a minute ago via Twitterrific Favorite Retweet Reply

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I am afraid we have seen the last of LoMo because of a thin skinned owner and a dweeb of a president.They allow a prima donna like Hanley Ramierez to hurt the team with his self first team later attitude but demote LoMo because of being honest,it says alot for the type of people they are.They sent LoMo down because he is hitting 240?Isn't Hanley hitting that?Why isn't he being sent down?LoMo is the hardest player on the Marlins.While he plays diving for balls despite the fact he has stitches on his knee that opens back up instead of resting,Hanley is out with a sprained shoulder that was suppose to keep him out a few days.He is milking that injury for all he can.Loria does not understand  the team concept just keep his  bruised ego intact.Ask Joe Girardi.Loria fired him because Girardi did bow to Loria's wishes.He was only the manager of the year and then a Worlds Champion with the Yankees.Fredi is doing pretty good as manager of the Braves.Cody Ross certainly has done well with the Giants.LoMo maybe the next to go because of Loria and will have a solid career and be appreciated by his new fans,team and owner who likes effort over ego.The advertisements for the new stadium will have to be changed and find another 'face of the Marlins".LoMo is missed already.   

James G. Camp
James G. Camp

Wow, Girardi, Fredi & Ross ? Yankees, Braves & Giants. Oh you missed mentioning Uggla. What about Cantu & Maybin with the Padres ? Just me, but the Marlins season was over with 3-23 run in June. McKeon has gotten them back on track for runs, but I think the Marlins will ride out the last 6 weeks and relocate to the new stadium. Since LoMo is beat up, maybe he oughta see this as the ownership protecting that investment for 2012. None of us knows what really goes on at Sun Life, but roll with it, go with the flow.

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