"Los Miami" Trial Reveals Bizarre Tale of Cocaine Smuggling, Lamborghinis, and Santería

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Spanish National Police
33 tons of chemicals used to make cocaine were found in January in Madrid. Six months later, the alleged leader of the deadly Los Miami drug ring was caught on South Beach
​One night in mid-July, FBI agents swarmed three buildings around town simultaneously. It was one of the most incredible drug busts in Miami history -- and hardly anyone noticed. At the time, we wrote about how a sculpted, tattooed Spaniard named Álvaro López Tardón and several associates stood accused of laundering more than $26 million in drug proceeds by splurging on fancy penthouses and fast cars.

But court records and interviews with prosecutors paint an even more unbelievable story: from dueling assassination attempts to hidden narco-fortunes, grisly torture scenes to the biggest drug lab bust in European history.

Check out this week's metro for more details. Or check out this video of the massive drug lab bust that led to Los Miami's downfall.

The January raid on a farm near Madrid netted the infamous "Cocaine Queen" Ana María Cameno Antolín -- allegedly an employee of the gang's Miami-based leader, Álvaro López Tardón -- as well as 300 kilos of cocaine and 33 tons of precursor chemicals.

That haul made it the biggest drug lab bust in European history.

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