Luther Campbell First to Break Randy Shannon Hates Nevin Shapiro Angle

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When it comes to the University of Miami football program, Luther Campbell is like E.F. Hutton. When he speaks, everybody needs to listen.

Campbell's weekly Miami New Times column, "Luke's Gospel," was the first to report the rift between former Hurricanes football head coach Randy Shannon and Nevin Shapiro, the conniving convicted Ponzi schemer who claims to have provided improper benefits to 72 former and current Hurricanes football players. The unfriendly relationship between Shannon and the ex-booster was the subject of a recent report at CaneSport.

On April 23 last year, Campbell wrote that Shapiro "didn't think the school should extend Randy Shannon's contract or give him a raise. I think he didn't like that Randy wouldn't return his phone calls. He was always bitching about that."

In his most recent column about Shapiro, Campbell said, "I knew to stay away from him. So did Randy Shannon, who warned all of his assistants that if he caught them with Shapiro, he would fire them."

Yesterday reported "sources have told CanesSport that shortly after he was named to replace Larry Coker in 2007 that Shannon threatened his coaching staff with firings if they ever dealt with Shapiro."

So when Uncle Luke preaches, you can take it to the bank.

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Really, Luther Campbell being interviewed, quoted and critic of Shapiro.  Campbell who corrupted little league football in liberty city and elsewhere, Campbell, who according to many people was and may still be a drug dealer.  Campbell who when Strawberries was a happening club frequented the place while murders and shootings occurred there on a regular basis.  Oh, that Campbell.  When is someone going to investigate him.

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