Marco Rubio on Hurricanes Scandal: Blame the NCAA, Pay College Players

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While some people want to see the Miami Hurricanes scandal wind up with congressional hearings, at least one prominent Senator says he'd rather see the NCAA shape up than ship the Hurricanes out. Of course, that Senator is Marco Rubio, who just happens to be a former college football player himself and holds a law degree from the University of Miami.

"Obviously, it is very sad to see what is happening with the young athletes over at the University of Miami," Rubio said, according to the Local 10. "I think the NCAA carries a lot of blame of what is going on."

"You have this multi-, hundred-million-dollar industry that is NCAA football, and their No. 1 employee is the players, who play for free."

"Some of these kids go play on Saturday nights in front of 80,000 people and make the universities and the NCAA hundreds of millions of dollars, and then that night they don't even have enough money to go to McDonald's. So, I think they've got to figure out some changes in the rules because what they are doing right now is unfair to the kids. I think the kids are responsible for the mistakes they made, but I think the NCAA is being hypocritical as well in its approach to all of this."

Rubio attended Tarkio College, a now defunct college that played in the NAIA, for one year on a football scholarship before eventually transferring to Sante Fe Community College and then the University of Florida. He received his law degree from the University of Miami.

Perhaps if we can get the full force of the Tea Party behind Rubio's ideas for NCAA reforms we could actually see something done.

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i actually agree with him here. they get scholarships obviously, but compared to the amount of money the schools make on their backs, that represents a very small amount.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

to marco rubio ( Talks Big but Fails to Deliver)

“What part of ‘student-athlete’ don’t you understand? (The scholarship athletes got their entire education paid)

The real cost, however, is in the athletic department losing its tax exemption under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Currently, athletic departments (which are generally a separate legal entity from the university), athletic foundations/booster clubs and bowl games enjoy tax exempt status because they “promote amateur athletics,” an exempt purpose under the Code. If college athletes were compensated and found to be employees, revocation of this tax-exempt status would surely follow.


play for free? da fuk? correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't they all on sports scholarships? how many people cannot afford tuition at UM? they are not playing for free!


they get nothing for free!if you figure in the time working on the game and training plus the fact that the only avenue to the NFL is college football (the NFL's free minor leagues) they don't even make minimum wage and the crazy ass NCAA rules make so they can't even get an off season job if they could around training. The use their bodies to make colleges billions and they can't go to a party on yacht? or accept a good meal? The NCAA is a bunch of rich White people taking advantage of young poor black kids by and large. BTW, I am a white guy who worked to pay for his own college but I had the ability to make money year round and these guys don't even though they work year round to make the school money.

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