Matt Drudge Attacks Obama's Birthday Party, Possibly Thinks Stevie Wonder Is a Gangster Rapper

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President Barack Obama is 50! Fifty years old! Last night he celebrated the milestone with a group of political allies, close friends, a few celebrities, and musical guests. It was a far more restrained affair than President Bill Clinton's 50th birthday bash in 1996, but Miami-based conservative shit-stirrer Matt Drudge would lead you to believe the affair was some sort of exclusive, barefoot, hip-hop orgy.

Here's a snapshot of the links currently atop the Drudge Report:

Notice that the line about hip-hop is in all caps like it's a very important, very horrifying detail.

Here's the thing, though: The line links to a Politico article that mentions nothing about hip-hop:
In the East Room, performers included R&B singer Ledisi, jazz musician Herbie Hancock and [Stevie] Wonder. The president encouraged everyone to dance -- and they did. Lots of kids were on hand and they stole the show as they danced in the center of the East Room.
Now, we all know Drudge is an expert on the discography of techno DJs who are popular on the gay party circuit, like Junior Vasquez, but apparently he doesn't know much about black people playing music. Note to Drudge: Not all music played by black people is called "hip-hop."

The part about "barefoot dancing" also links to an article that mentions nothing about Obama, nor anyone else, taking of their shoes.

We're not even sure where Drudge is getting this from anymore.

Though, the misinformed damages seems to already been done, and Fox News' featured this article on its front page earlier today.

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I really thought that hip hop BBQ was going to create jobs...damn.

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Miss Fudge is only an expert on trannies and glory holes.

Mary Norris-Ellis
Mary Norris-Ellis

Daaaayum!  Hip-Hop BBQ?  Really?  Iono 'bout the rest of y'all, but I like my racism and stereotypes to be VEILED!  SMDH!

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