Rick Sanchez Finally Joining Mega TV? EXCLUSIVE Photos of Miami Meeting

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Rick Sanchez emerges from a meeting with Mega TV execs
Last month, we reported on smoldering rumors that legendarily loquacious news anchor and fallen Hispanic hero Rick Sanchez was joining local Spanish-language channel Mega TV. Those rumors burst into flame days later when he revealed he would announce football games this fall for Florida International University.

Well, things turned into a four-alarm fire today when Riptide obtained exclusive photos of Sanchez meeting top Mega TV executives here in Miami.

Holy sh*t! Slick Rick is back!

The move to Mega would be a departure from Sanchez's prior gig at CNN. But, in a way, it would suit the gloriously gaff-prone news anchor.

Like most Miamians, we've got a bit of history with Sanchez, who was born and raised in Hialeah.

We awarded Rick with "Best Departure" in 2001 when he left local station WSVN-7, where he was famous for squatting over floor maps during the Gulf War. Of course, Rick went on to the big time on CNN, where he hosted his own show, Rick's List, and appeared frequently on Anderson Cooper 360. Sanchez lost his CNN job last year, however, after calling Jon Stewart a "bigot" and making some controversial comments about Jews in the media.

Mega TV, meanwhile, is a similar combination of silly and serious. It's home to bisexual novelist/ Peruvian presidential candidate Jaime Bayly's talk show, as well as a bevy of telenovelas about sexy gypsies, shirtless soldiers, and the horses they ride on.

The Sanchez to Mega rumors began last month, when local reporter Lesley Abravanel tweeted:
Reports of a chupacabra sighting @ Mega TV greatly exaggerated. Truth's scarier: Was Rick Sanchez, receiving hero's welcome & reported job"
We know that Rick, who broadcasts his every unemployed movement on his own Twitter account, was in town at the time. Days later, he wrote:

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Now these pictures show Sanchez meeting Wednesday afternoon with top Mega TV executives at La Esquina del Lechon restaurant in Doral.

Oh, the possibilities! What would his new show be called? Rick's Road to Redemption? Tweeting con Sanchez? Or perhaps a more ribald title to woo the ladies, like Sanchez Super Sucio?

And does this mean that the thing with Gloria and Emilio Estefan is off?

If Sanchez does land at Mega, it's likely that he'd take over the 8 p.m. Monday-Friday spot that, until recently, belonged to Maria Elvira's Maria Elvira Live.

Below are more photos from Sanchez's meeting with Mega TV chief revenue officer Albert Rodriguez and VP of Programming Jose R. Perez.

"And then the bastard tasered me! Can ya believe it?"
We just can't quit you, Rick
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Lets be nice people! Rick its good to see you get back on your feet. Hope that you bring your 'A' game  to Mega everything will fall into place. Just remember to always be humble and don't forget where you are from. This Kendall Hammocks Family is praying for you to reach your 'A' Game again. Good Luck!!! 


Fox made this guy ( he got his talent ) and then he left the channel, went to CNN to talk ##$%%% about the people who made him.. C' this guy is friend of not body. He has fallen from the top of cable news to a local shady station. That is what he deserves.


He is a piece of s...!

He killed a guy while driving drunk years ago!

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

He's one in a million chance of a lifetime. Maybe he can resurrect Sally gives me Fitz. I feel like I'm vibrating.

Marco Garvin
Marco Garvin

What an amazing journalistic piece!  Michael Miller is the bomb!  A basic rehash of the old slam story and a few pics!  Wow!  How the New Times is not considered right up there with the Washington Post and the New York Times I will never know!


wow! someone get get Pulitzer board on the phone!

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Who is the real Rick Sanchez?

Jews Control the Media?  Calls Jon Stewart a Bigot? Left the scene of the accident but before , yelled to bystanders and police that blood tests would be meaningless and would “hurt his public image


at least he had the decency of going to a good place to eat

Marco Garvin
Marco Garvin

Stop hating Drake.  It's all good.  hey, at least you are taking time from your "busy" day to write about the Rickster.  he is in your head bro!

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