Rick Scott Calls New Times Article Inappropriate

This past June, reporters from two of our sister papers, New Times Broward-Palm Beach and the Dallas Observer, hunted down a tip that Gov. Rick Scott has a brother residing in Texas who was living off government handouts and with a criminal record that included drug possession. It was mildly ironic, considering Scott championed a bill that would require all Florida welfare recipients to undergo drug testing.

The resulting story was published here in Miami New Times, and it turns out Governor Scott didn't appreciate it.

Today, for the first time, Scott invited reporters into his office. Previously, the governor, who has a tendency to try to tightly control the press, arranged interviews only outside his office. He held a 60-minute Q&A session with about two dozen journalists.

Times/Herald reporter Michael C. Bender noted that our article was brought up:
Scott said it was "inappropriate" for the Miami New-Times [sic] to call his brother, Roger, for this story.

Roger Scott lives in a poor area of Dallas. He has a criminal record, is on welfare and has battled with drugs. "I help him, although he doesn't know I help him because it's through my sister," Scott said.

"I love my brother. I wish he'd figured his life out, but he hasn't," Scott said.
Scott had refused to comment about the story at the time of publication.

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Rich G
Rich G

I am writing this response in reference to an email I receivedconcerning the adulation given to Florida Governor Rick Scott for signing intolaw a bill that will require welfare recipients to be tested for drugs. Thisemail has been given a great deal of attention nationwide and one needs to looka bit deeper to understand the truth behind this bill.  


How can anyone argue with thislegislation? It is sound, reasonable and timely. 


It would also be good idea if folksaround the nation were given more information about Governor Rick Scott andwhat has been taking place in the state of Florida for the past 7 months.   


Rick Scott is alife-long Republican that was backed by the Tea Party in his run for thegovernorship in 2010. 


Since 1987, Scott wasthe CEO of Columbia/HCA, the nation's largest private for profithealth care company. In 1997 amid a scandal over the company's businessand Medicare billing practices, Scott resigned in disgrace.  The company ultimately admitted to fourteenfelonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million....yet, thepeople of Florida elected him as their governor. 


In his first six months as governorstarting in January of 2011, Scott has reduced pensions for police andfirefighters. He has also done away with tenure for school teachers and cut allfunding for food programs to feed disabled children. He recently gave the greenlight for insurance companies in Florida to raise rates 15%. He also signed into law a bill allowinglobbyists to walk into the office of the state house majority leader and writea check directly to the party in power. This is only a handful of things he hasdone while acting as Governor.  


Currently, Rick Scott has the lowestapproval rating of any governor in the country and the lowest of any sittinggovernor in Florida state history.


Now that we have a bit moreinformation, we can see more clearly as to why Scott sought to have this billsigned into law as soon as possible. 


Scott is playing the American publiclike a finely tuned fiddle. He knows that his poll numbers will immediatelyspike upward and he will also save the government millions of dollars by notpaying welfare benefits to drug users.


The email entitled “Hooray for Florida” should actually be titled “Hooray for me.”


A drug addict that collects welfare is indeeddisgraceful.


A man that has to resign as CEO for allowingtaxpayers to foot the bill for defrauding Medicare for seniors is evil.


Jesus stated that prostitutes willenter heaven, though the self righteous will not.   


The deception continues, but not forthose who are aware! 


David Kearns
David Kearns

While we sympathize with the governor and his brother, the nature of the article is not inappropriate. Governor you continue to cut programs for social services with abandon and yet you have a sibling suffering from some of the very things these services address. You also are pushing for a national agenda to treat the out of work and the poor like criminals. How can you do it? There is nothing inappropriate about journalists doing their jobs.http://www.facebook.com/Florid...


his entire existence is inappropriate, he can go eat shit


So we've the real life incarnate of Mr. Burns and Lex Luther's love child. The guy who's amassed a fortune that rivals a small countries GDP by stealing out of the pocket of the middle class, and who bought a governorship just to keep lining his pockets. And his brother lives on welfare in bumfuck Texas. Why am I not surprised?

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Governor douche bag. He puts the duh in Floriduh.


the new times writing a story on themselves at the expense of another person... typical media


If only he had mentioned the bad spelling in all the Times articles. 

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

From the look of his perpetual smirk, I believe he has. A lot.

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