Rick Scott to Rip Off Bob Graham's Workdays

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Former Democratic governor and senator Bob Graham still reigns as one of Florida's most respected and beloved politicians, and his workdays remain legendary. Throughout his career, Graham would make it a point to work full eight-hour days at common jobs throughout Florida. Stuck with some of the worst poll numbers in the nation, Gov. Rick Scott has decided to rip off the idea.

Scott will suit up tomorrow and put in a day's work at a Tampa doughnut shop. The guv used to work in one while in college. Scott will continue the tour by putting in time at other less-than-glamorous jobs.

The Sun-Sentinel points out Graham "applauds" the decision, so apparently there are no hard feelings.

This past April, Graham penned a newspaper editorial slamming Scott and lamenting the direction he's taking the state, writing, "Florida has lost its way."

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Delawrence Charles Blue
Delawrence Charles Blue

Florida Governor Rick Scott will not win re election.  He has not done what he promised during his campaign for office.  Create more jobs.  


Governor 666 at it again! he wants the publicity without the hard questions....

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

Hope he works at a sewage plant. Nobody would be able to distinguish him from the other turds.

T'omm J'Onzz
T'omm J'Onzz

i thought he'd be Governor 27, per his approval rating.

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