$1.25 Million Worth of Cocaine Washes Up on Cape Canaveral Military Beach

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More than $1 million worth of cocaine washed up on a beach that's part of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. The 55 pounds of yayo was found not far from a launching pad used to send Delta II rockets high into the atmosphere. The discovery ensures that, well, someone won't be snorting his/her way high into the atmosphere.

Twenty-five bricks of coke, weighing one kilogram apiece, were discovered on the north side of the inlet to Port Canaveral this past Monday, according to Florida Today. That area is controlled by the military, and someone from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station discovered the bricks.

"We're lucky it didn't drift to the south," Lt. John Mellick, a spokesman for the Brevard County Sheriff's Office, told the paper. "You never know who would have found it."

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Lt. John Mellick, is that a sly reference to South Florida's supposed cocaine problem?

After the batch was discovered, deputies searched the rest of the nearby water for more drugs, but none were discovered. There is no criminal investigation attached to the discovery.

Officials say finding so much abandoned cocaine in one spot is unusual.

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Glad I did not find it because I would have gotten baking soda and rocked that **** up and smoked it until my heart exploded.


"OOPS I think i droped something.."

Electronic Cigarette
Electronic Cigarette

Just coincidence it washed up near military. Good coincidence! Bad for some who would of liked to have made a bit, I say bit, of money on the side..


Ok so 55 pounds of cocaine washed ashore, big deal I'd like to know in who's hands is it in now, or should I say nose


yeah...I cant say I would've minded being the guy out "looking for seashells" that day;

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