Deirdre DiBiaggio and Katie Carmichael: Let 'Em Get Hitched!

Two Miami lesbians are getting the shaft from a town clerk in New York.

Of course, Deirdre DiBiaggio and Katie Carmichael can't get married in Miami Beach, where they live in a $400,000 home near Alton Road and 42nd Street. DiBiaggio is an attorney. Carmichael is a filmmaker.

Rose Marie Belforti, from the town of Ledyard, refused to marry the two August 30 and has received attention ever since. She cited religious reasons. She also told the couple to see a deputy clerk, but there is no deputy clerk. She has drawn support from a passel of conservative groups that apparently hate New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his hippie ideas.

Beliforti says God requires her to take the stand and that the people elected her as clerk knowing her beliefs.

The case is likely to spend months in appeal. It's a serious test of New York's gay-marriage law.

What it should be, though, is a spur for some crafty Miami legislator to attract ink -- and perhaps justice -- by proposing legalization of gay marriage in Florida. I mean, the ladies wouldn't have had to head north to get hitched if we just allowed this sort of thing.

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If the city clerk is going to use God as an excuse not to marry these two ladies then she should be consistant and also refuse to marry: former divorcees, those using bith control, anyone who has pre-marital sex, and anyone who has committed adultery.


i bought a life size pink oanther in cape cod,  we have become very close and we want to be married,  do you think the city or state will give us the correct  authorization ?

 people need to recognize the rights of large stuffed animals to live a life without persecution and  we should really blame the tea party for this and lowering our taxes......


What is this garbage about no deputy? There is one, and the clerk asked these two obnoxious ladies to make an appointment with the deputy. Sounds like a compromise to me. She didn't proclaim "you will NEVER get to Scissor as wife and wife in THIS county". These two women are obnoxious spoilt brats. Lesbians seem to have a thing for being up in everyone's face with their thing. In my experience they demand that everyone accept them, but are rather unaccepting themselves of people with different views etc. If the clerk had agreed to sign the certificate right then and there but had decided to lecture them, they'd be complaining about that. 

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