Ed Schultz Rips Marco Rubio for Insulting America

Categories: Politicks
So, Marco Rubio is going around calling America "weakened." He blames it on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare. Well, MSNBC host Ed Schultz takes exception to the claim, and ripped Rubio in a 16-minute segment aired last Friday.

"Rubio is stupid, he doesn't even know he's offensive," says Schultz.

Of course, a feud between Tea Party wonder Rubio and an MSNBC host shouldn't be much of a surprise. And Rubio has been highlighting the attacks from the liberal-leaning network in his fundraising material.

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This politicians have taken to blast institutions which are in place to assist the public at length although it should not be the duty of goverment to support the citizens because of causes and effects that are obiously if the proper institutions arise to the occasion all of this politicians would find it much harder to make profits of their career.

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