Five Greatest Baseball Moments In Sun Life Stadium History (Video)

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Judging by the comments around baseball, not many players are going to weep openly tomorrow when the Marlins play their last game ever at Sun Life Stadium. "There were a lot of rain delays, and no fans," Josh Willingham recalls. "You're talking about the worst conditions," ex-fan fave Cody Ross adds.

But let's not forget that Miami Gardens' big football park saw some damn good baseball in the last two decades. In just 18 years, the place has hosted more World Series champs than Wrigley Field has in almost a century! Click through for video of the five best baseball moments at the stadium.

5. Anibal Sanchez's No Hitter

Unlike the Mets, who still have yet to record a no-hitter in franchise history, Anibal Sanchez's 2006 no-no against the Diamondbacks was actually the fourth for the Fish. But it was badass for all kinds of other reasons, not the least of which was that he tossed it front of a home town crowd. He also become just the 19th rookie to throw a no-hitter, mowing down 27 D-Backs in his 13th ever big-league start.

4. Ken Griffey Jr.'s 600th Home Run

Only eight men have ever hit more than 600 homers and, in the Steroid Era, only two have more or less avoided the Canseco-scented taint of performance enhancing drugs. One of those dudes is Ken Griffey Jr., and he broke the 600 barrier with the most historically important bomb in Miami Gardens history.

(Skip ahead to 3:50 to watch Griffey rip it, complete with a Marlins fan happily yelling Puta!)

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Hey, what about the the video of the bench clearing brawl that took place by Nyjer Morgan when he played for the Nationals? That too was a big moment in Marlins history at Sun Life Stadium, albiet a more notorious one!

glass slipper
glass slipper

In the Griffey Jr. clip it took over 5 minutes to complete one at bat.

 If they speeded up the game somewhat maybe more people would be interested but it can get pretty boring and there are many other things to do in S.Fla, unlike other cities were they pack them in.

 After the novelty wears off the new stadium will be nothing but a money pit for the taxpayers of Miami-Dade.


I see the atavistic pricks at MLB have yet to allow real videos to be posted on YouTube.

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