Overanxious Florida Republicans May Ensure Obama Win

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​A Florida commission appointed by Republicans will likely vote today to move up the state's Republican primary election to January 31.

Though party muckety-mucks are still working on a compromise that could delay the election until February 21, the decision will probably create chaos.

Given last week's victory of Godfather's Pizza founder Herman Cain in the straw poll in Orlando, the decision would ensure Barack Obama returns to the presidency. Here's why:

All the other early primary states: New Hampshire, South Carolina, Iowa and Nevada have issued a joint statement saying they will move up their primaries if Florida jumps the gun. If they follow through, this would kill the candidacy of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, who wouldn't have enough time to raise money.

The rest of the group -- Herman Cain, Mitt Romney, Rick Perry and the dwarves -- won't stand up to Obama in the debates.

Moreover, Obama yesterday cannily moved up his appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court of the health care legislation. This means a Supreme Court decision is distinctly possible during the fall -- just week's before the election. Such a decision, which will likely kill a key part of the health care legislation, will highlight two things:

1) Obama's self assurance in standing up for what Democ rats think is right. This will confirm his base.

2) Romney's support for similar legislation in Massachusetts. This will hurt him with his base.

So come on you Repubs. Make that vote. Make Obama's day!

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Given the lack of serious opponents Obama should have an easy win in 2012. The winds of opinion are against Wall Street and thus means Republican Party as well. Add to that the immigrant laws passed by them, stereo typing, bigotry, and racism. This latter by the hit group called the Tea Party. Too many negatives and Obamas recent successes in the Middle East are enough to get him into the next term easily.

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