HIV Porn Scandal: Brazzers' Parent Company Responds

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The American porn industry has voluntarily shut itself down after a male performer working in Florida tested positive for HIV. Yesterday, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, which fights for the use of condoms in adult movies, issued a press release claiming the performer worked for, a popular online porn network. Today, Brazzers' parent company has responded and claims the performer didn't work for Brazzers but rather another porn site with the same owner.

Brazzers is owned by Manwin, a Luxembourg-based pornography company that also has offices in Los Angeles and Montreal. Many of the movies featured on its various sites have been filmed in Miami-Dade County.

"Manwin and some of its online properties have recently been falsely accused by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) as well as by other organizations in relation to possible HIV exposure of an adult industry performer," reads the company's press release. "The AHF statement is an unacceptable attempt to undermine the reputation of our producers through the publication of false information."

The company says it takes "industry performers' health and safety very seriously" and claims that at no time did the infected model "perform or provide any services for any of our producers after any test results were disclosed reflecting even the possibility of HIV exposure or infection."

Of course, HIV tests often are unable to detect the virus until it's been present in the body for some time.

The press release also claims the model did not perform for the network of sites but rather the network. Those sites are both owned by Manwin.

"We are currently waiting for a final and clear result on whether or not 'Patient A' has tested positive for HIV," the press release concludes. "This process and its corresponding privacy implications means that we cannot comment further until the full results have been legally transmitted and disclosed."

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In the end, it looks like he didn't get his (sunglasses on)... happy ending.

Neil's ghost
Neil's ghost

First symptom of aids...A severe pounding sensation in the ass. Try the veal. Oooooooohhhhhh!

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