Lime Fresh Mexican Grill Won't Be Hosting Arizona Immigration Zealots for Tea Parties

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Lime Fresh Mexican Grill, the delicious little South Beach taco restaurant that could, won't be a local secret much longer. The restaurant has gone chain. It's rapidly expanding in Florida, and Ruby Tuesday has plans to open another 200 Lime outlets in the eastern United States. Just don't expect it to pop up in Arizona any time soon. A sign spotted outside the grand opening of a new Orlando-area location is sure to ruffle the feathers of Arizona-style-immigration enthusiasts.

That's certainly some ballsy advertising. We take it Gov. Rick Scott won't be stopping in for any queso dip anytime soon. Which is a shame. Guy seems like he could use a frozen margarita. Or three.

[Reddit via The Daily What]

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OMG- they're margaritas are awesome! what's more amazing is that they supposedly us no tequila in them. With just two, I'm done for the night... Would love to see the Gov taking three down!! Lol


That's awesome. 

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