Man in Army Fatigues Robs Alton Road Wells Fargo, Shoots at Employees

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An armed man made off with an undisclosed amount of cash this morning after robbing a Miami Beach branch of Wells Fargo. The incident occurred at 1901 Alton Rd. around 7:45 a.m. The man fired shots at employees, though no one was hurt.

The man was hiding in the bushes outside the bank and waited for employees to show up to work. When they arrived, he jumped out of the bushes, pointed a gun at the them, and demanded cash, according to the FBI.

He shot several rounds into the air, but no one was injured. No costumers were at the bank during the robbery.

The FBI has released surveillance video images of the man:

Anyone with information is asked to call the FBI's Miami office at 305-944-9101.

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This reporter is terrible. Apparently Kyle was kicked out of the University of Miami for his fraudulent reporting. Why does the New Times employ people like this? Kyle should be in jail for his unethical behavior. His stories are lies. He provokes fights that do not exist. He is the worst of Miami, and he is not even a local. What a looser. Why does the New Times pay his for his poorly written dribble. Maybe he's the last Miami reporter who is willing to work for free- or for perks...


Hopefully he's found dead by the side of the road somewhere.

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