Marlins Closer Leo Núñez Was Playing Under a Fake Name

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Marlins relief pitcher Leo Núñez, who's racked up a career high 36 saves this season so far as the team's closer, has mysteriously been suspended by the team and left the country, according to The Miami Herald. The report has precious few details. Nothing like a gold ol' sports controversy mystery. Update: Turns out Núñez may not be Núñez at all.

Núñez's agent isn't talking much either.

"I can't yet comment," Andy Mota tells the paper. "This is very recent. I don't want to say anything at all."

Why the team suspended the player hasn't been made clear. Though, he's been place on the MLB's restricted list. That means the team has released Núñez but still retains his rights.

Núñez has had his best season yet. He's seventh in the National League for saves and has only allowed 57 hits in playing in 68 games.

He suited up for the team as recently as last night and pitched a scoreless ninth inning to secure a win for the Fish over the Atlanta Braves.

However, instead of making the team trip to Milwaukee, he's heading back to his home country of the Dominican Republic.

Update: The Sun-Sentinel adds, "Unlike the Mike Cameron situation, a source familiar with Nunez's case said this was not a disciplinary response by the Marlins or Major League Baseball for inappropriate behavior."

Update 2: Show us the birth certificate!?! While certain idiots were carrying on about our President's true identity, it seems a player in America's past time was playing under a fake identity.

According to sources who have spoke to the Associated Press, Nunez's real name is Juan Carlos Oviedo. He's also 29, though he's been listed as 28 in the team's media guide. The team has apparently known about the issue for months. Neither the team nor Nunez Oviedo's agent have yet to comment.

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