Miami Company Making Porn Parodies of Taxi Driver, Training Day and True Grit

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Porn parodies of sitcoms -- sitcums, we suppose -- are the hottest XXX trend since breast implants, but there're only so many laughers primed for sexy satire. God help us before parodies of Yes, Dear and Mr. Belvedere are unleashed. So, Sensuous Diamond Productions, a newly launched, Miami-based porn label, is moving beyond the sitcom. It's taking on the challenging task of remaking certified dramatic cinema classics -- the kind of stuff you study in film school and that wins Oscars. Then they will, you know, add some fucking to the mix.

Sensuous Diamonds is an offshot of Pleasure Dynasty and has already unleashed Taxi Driver: A XXX Parody. The surprisingly safe-for-work trailer is below.

That's some seriously classy-looking porn right there. The studio also has porn remakes of Training Day and True Grit. Yes, the True Grit parody will involve period costumes and actual horses. These things apparently aren't cheap.

Of course, never mind that Taxi Driver focuses on the relationship between Travis Bickle and a 12-year-old prostitute, and that True Grit is about Rooster Cogburn and a 14-year-old lesbian headstrong, independent girl.

Anyway, we have to wonder how long it will be until there's a porn parody of Scarface. We're really surprised one doesn't exist.

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Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

With porn movies, when you're watching them, it's basically they're an hour and a half long. And who watches an entire funking porn movie?


Lady Scarface is a well-known porn parody of Scarface, just google it tho!


Carmen Luvana has luscious twat lips. Mmmmmmmmm.

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