Miami Marlins to Host 2012 MLB Season Opener at New Stadium

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This year's Major League Baseball season isn't over, but for the Florida Marlins, it pretty much is.

In fact, the Florida Marlins are technically pretty much over. Next year, they'll be in that new stadium with a new name, and the MLB has announced that the team will play the very first game of the 2012 MLB season in its new home.

The Miami Marlins will take on the St. Louis Cardinals April 4 at Miami Marlins Stadium (though it's sure to have a corporate-sponsored name by then). That Wednesday's game will happen a day before any other MLB games, and though the TV schedule hasn't been announced, it almost ensures that the Fish will have their house-warming party in front of a national television audience. Well, after all the drama surrounding the stadium, a little national PR for our town is the least we could get in exchange.

The game will also mark the beginning of the team's 20th season. Really, it's been that long? We guess it only seems shorter because we've paid attention to only two of those seasons.

As previously announced, the team will also host the New York Yankees in two exhibition games at the new stadium April 1 and 2.

After the opening game, the Fish will go on a six-game road trip and then return April 13 to host their first three-game series at home against the Astros. Yes, that's Friday the 13th. What could go wrong?

Individual game tickets aren't one sale yet, but you can buy season tickets now. Of course, if we were you, maybe we'd wait until we know that a new name and a stadium aren't the only fresh things about next season before plunking down for tickets. A new manager, roster, and front office might not be so bad either.

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This "new stadium" may be the very thing that kills the Marlins franchise. I mean think about it: it was built for the purpose of attracting more fans to the games. What the franchise fails to realize is that for many people in SoFla baseball is a sport that more people enjoy playing than watching, the proof is in the numbers! I know I'd rather be at the beach on a nice sunny day than at a baseball game. Even for tourists there are scads of attractions in SoFla that they find more interesting than seeing the Marlins play. Bottom line is this: New Marlins Stadium = Biggest Financial Disaster in Baseball History!

Robert Doyle
Robert Doyle

We went to an open house, the food was as good as the Heat AAA provides. When the game involves a ball, we want quality dogs'n'mustard to help the icey cold beverage contrast the Great American Pastime, eating dogs'n'suds!:)


Are they naming the stadium " BUILT WITH YOUR TAX DOLLARS STADIUM"?


F that stadium and all the corrupt, back room deals and empty promises for local jobs that helped erect it. F the worthless team that will occupy it, and the minions of front running south Florida band wagon fans that bitched the marlins needed a stadium but will never ever go to a game. A true piece of Miami history was destroyed to make room for that senseless waste of steel, glass, concrete, and man hours.

Drake Mallard
Drake Mallard

Welcome to the American dream--a billionaire using public fundsto constructa private playgroundfor the rich and powerful.


Stop crying for christ's sake.

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