Michael Rodriguez Allegedly Killed a Man With a Beer Bottle During Bike Theft

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Oscar Alvarado-Montoya and his friends gave Michael Rodriguez a beer. Rodriguez returned the favor by hitting Alvarado-Montoya over the head with the bottle. The injury would turn out to be fatal, and now Rodriquez faces first-degree murder charges.

Alvarado-Montoya and a group of friends were drinking beer around the 900 block of SW Fourth Street around 2:25 a.m. Sunday. Rodriguez approached the group and began bothering him. He apparently wanted to borrow Alvarado-Montoya's bicycle. Someone in the group handed Rodriguez a beer in hopes that it would placate him and he'd go away.

Instead, Rodriguez turned violent. He started pushing members of the group and then hit Alvarado-Montoya over the head with the bottle. To add insult to injury, he then stole the bike.

Alvarado-Montoya at first didn't think the injury was that serious and went to a friend's house to recuperate.

"The poor victim thinks there's nothing wrong, he's having head injuries, he goes to a friend's apartment to try to lay down, to hopefully sleep off his headache, sleep off his injuries, at which time he died as a result of his injuries," Miami Police spokeswoman Keandra Simmons tells NBC Miami.

Alvarado-Montoya ended up dying of blunt trauma to the head.

Rodriguez now sits in jail on murder charges. He also had several warrants out for his arrest on drug-related charges.

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Black thug
Black thug

Another black criminal kills an innocent citizen.

Bubba The Wise
Bubba The Wise

 "He also had several warrants out for his arrest on drug-related charges."

Why wasn't this POS in jail instead of on the street and able to kill??


Do the same thing to this piece of shit lowlife.

Straker Kelly
Straker Kelly

he's hispanic.. thank you very much.. this man is innocent free my cousin in law!!!!

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