Miguel Exposito's Lawsuit Tossed, Leaving Chief's Job In Michelle Spence-Jones' Hands

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This morning Miami-Dade Judge Barbara Areces threw out suspended Miami Police Chief Miguel Exposito's lawsuit against the city, putting his fate back into the hands of the commission.

In case you've forgotten that we live in a very strange city, Areces decision essentially means that Michelle Spence-Jones -- who, until about two weeks ago was an accused criminal staring down felony charges -- now gets to decide the fate of Miami's top cop.

The entire basis of Exposito's lawsuit was that two other city commissioners -- Francis Suarez and Willie Gort -- should be barred from voting on whether to sack him because they've already said on the record that they plan to do so.

After giving Exposito 40 minutes to air out that argument this morning, Areces very reasonably pointed out that elected officials are allowed to express opinions before they vote.

The city commission has already called an emergency meeting for 9 a.m. tomorrow to decide Exposito's fate.

Unless someone has a last minute change-of-heart, City Manager Johnny Martinez almost certainly has two votes to fire the mayor -- Suarez and Gort -- along with one probable vote to keep him, from Marc Sarnoff. Frank Carollo is a wild card, but given his history of opposing Mayor Tomas Regalado, he'll likely also vote to keep Exposito in power.

That leaves Spence-Jones. Tomorrow's vote will be her first significant action since prosecutors dropped a felony corruption case against her on Aug. 24 and Gov. Rick Scott signed an order putting her back in office after two years of legal limbo.

It's hard to imagine Spence-Jones siding with the chief, considering the anger across her district over Exposito's force's string of deadly police shootings this past year.

But who knows what MSJ is feeling now that she's not only back in office, but holding the almighty swing vote in a power struggle that's been captivating the city for the past 12 months?

Welcome back, commissioner! Say hi to all of Regalado and Exposito's cronies for us while they beat down your office door today trying to curry favor.

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Future Ex-Con
Future Ex-Con

Like most black people in District 5 Spence has been arrested and fingerprinted.

Knows crime
Knows crime

Spence-Jones ripped off the County for $50,000 and she extorted money from a black charity. She just took $180,000 from the City for a No-Show job. Nobody can claim Spence isn't familiar with crime.

Regalado stooge
Regalado stooge

Spence-Jones has never aggressively objected to crime in her District. The criminals are her "peoples".

Police defending themselves against criminals with guns probably offends Spence. She wants the criminals to be allowed to shoot and then escape.

Spence will do what Regalado tells her to do. She'll vote to fire Expo.


If MSJ votes to get Expo out she'll be bowing to the Regalado/Rundle/Gutierez machine that's persecuted her for the last two years.


For someone who knows crime you're awfully ignorant of the legal system. Commissioner Spence-Jones was acquitted of those charges which means despite years of preparation and the muscle of the State Attorneys office they couldn't cover up the fact that the evidence against her was manufactured and completely false. Since the crime and evidence was fabricated her suspension was illegal and she is entitled to all the benefits that came with her job, including back pay. In America you are innocent until PROVEN guilty, a bar the prosecutors failed to reach.

 Speaking of knowing crime, you are aware that you are currently guilty of libel, a prosecutable offense?

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