Rick Scott Supports Oil Drilling in Everglades

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What the hell sort of strange Pandora's box did Michele Bachmann reopen by suggesting she'd support drilling for oil in the Everglades. Now, Governor Rick Scott is dipping into the Tea Party's hive mind, and has said he's support some drilling for oil in the Everglades as well. Its ludicrous we're even having this discussion, because according to estimates from the Bush administration, there's only enough oil in and around the Everglades they had identified as potential drilling sites to satiate the United States' oil consumption for just two days.

According to Naked Politics, Scott made the remarks to the Economics Club of Florida. Though Scott isn't putting his gold star of approval on any new plans, he suggests he'd be open to more oil drilling in Florida if we were "cautious."

"There's a road in Naples called 'Oil Well Road.' So, we already have oil drilling,'' the Governor said. "We've done it since I think 1943. I think first off people are very shocked that we have it already. They don't know that. I think we have to be very cautious on any oil drilling, whether it's already in the state, or in our beaches, or in the Gulf because we aren't going to ruin our environment.

"With regard to the Everglades, I think we have to be very cautious if there's going to be any more drilling. It's my understanding, we haven't had any problems to date so my goal would be to be very cautious.

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why are sentient people electing these retards?  Seriously, why?


I would like to know how this would directly change the price i pay per gallon. 


First off, Oil Well Road is not in Naples. It's in Collier County, but pretty far from Naples. Second, just because a road is called Oil Well, does not mean there is an actual oil well. Its the name of a road. Maybe there had been something there in the past, but it isn't there now. Maybe he really doesn't know because he doesn't really know that much about Florida or Collier County. He knows how to rip off our tax dollars and put it in his and his friends pockets. 


It wouldn't. It could affect the fresh water supply for all of South Florida. The question you need to ask may be "How much will we have to pay per gallon for drinking water since we destroyed it by drilling for oil." Think about it. If the Bush family could have made money from it, don't you think they would have? That's why Jeb is all over our education money. There's more money in it for him than oil in the Everglades. Too bad its our children that will suffer.

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