Rick Scott Wins "Worst Governor Ever" Race

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It was real neck and neck at the end, what with the surprise surge by Texas Governor Rick Perry. But Florida's own Rick Scott has been named the "Worst Governor Ever" in a drawn-out, online poll conducted by the Transportation Workers Union of America. With the way things are going right now, it may be the last race Scott ever wins.

Hampered by low poll numbers, and controversial moves like canceling Florida's proposed high-speed rail program and making welfare recipients undergo drug tests, it's really no surprise Scott took the honors.

In addition to beating Perry, Scott also managed to defeat other controversial pols like Ohio's Governor John Kasich and Wisconsin's Governor Scott Walker.

"Scott's rejection of high speed rail funding, attacks on teachers unions and billions of dollars in cuts to the middle class, while creating tax breaks for the rich, proved to be a very successful campaign strategy in the race for Worst Governor Ever," says the election Website.

As congratulations, we offer Scott this hastily MSPaint-ed graphic:

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A. R. Med
A. R. Med

Interesting perspective by the author. The Union opinion is unlikely to matter. We saw how that worked in Wisconsin - much greater union population & the majority ruled against union behaviour. As far as the drug test;, who cares other than the minority on drugs getting welfare.  I suspect it is actually quite popular amongst others financially suporting the system through tax dollars that people can't get off of because they can't get jobs because they can't pass a piss test.  I think we need a better litmus test for popularity & best versus worst


add to this his approval for homeowners insurance companies to raise their rates again when so many people are already unemployed and losing the homes they worked so hard for!


I'm a big fan of any politician who is not liked by labor unions.


A. R. Med, everyone had an opportunity to vote in this election and Rick Scott certainly earned it. Didn't need to be a union member to vote. Unions are nearly dead in Florida anyways.

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