Robert Ruggeiro, One of Golden Beach's Finest, Caught On Tape Being An Ass

Cop Block
Robert Ruggeiro
Golden Beach Police Officer Robert Ruggeiro proves eating too many doughnuts kills brain cells. A few days ago, during a traffic stop of a dude who was using a cellphone camera to video record him and another officer, Ruggeiro claimed it was a felony in Florida to film cops without their consent.

"If I ever run into you in a traffic stop and you audio tape me or video tape me and you don't have my consent, I promise you I will arrest you for a felony," Ruggeiro asserted on camera. "And we'll battle it out in court."

The pudgy-faced afternoon shift supervisor didn't know the guy who filmed him is a researcher for a police watchdog group called Cop Block, which posted the clip on its website Sept. 13. The six-minute video begins with footage of Cop Block co-founder Adam Mueller aka "Ademo Freeman" on a cell-phone badgering Ruggeiro about the incident. (Mueller insists his researcher, who lives near Golden Beach, wants to remain anonymous).

Mueller: But the people who pay your salary don't have the right to videotape you?
Ruggeiro: I don't believe they can unless they are a third party.

But do you think that is okay? Do you personally have a problem with that?
I, I, I, ummm, I, I, I'm employed by the Town of Golden Beach Police and I am currently on duty and I can't speak to my personal beliefs.

Well, did you also say to him when he mentioned the first amendment which is the right to gather information on public officials, did you tell him you don't really want to argue that?
I don't know if I said that or not.

Did you ever take an oath to uphold the Constitution?
I did sir.

Why would you offer someone to...
Hold on a second sir ... Hello, sir I have a directive, a written directive, that I am not allowed to speak to the media regarding interviews, but I am going to give you the name and number to our public information officer.

After providing Mueller with contact information for Town spokesman Todd Templin, Ruggeiro told his interrogator that he did not grant his permission to be recorded. (Templin did not respond to New Times request for comment by a 9 a.m. deadline today).

"Well sir I understand that and hear what you are saying, but I am in a state [New Hampshire] that only requires one party consent," Mueller affirmed, leaving Ruggeiro at a loss for words. "Uh, okay," Ruggeiro meekly replied.

We give Mueller props for turning the tables on a dick cop because there is no question Ruggeiro acted like a one in that traffic stop. And considering the Golden Beach Police Department is overrun with riff-raff cops, it's just desserts.

Cop Block is among dozens of citizen journalist groups using the Internet and social media to document police officers abusing their powers. In January, New Times chronicled a group of amateur filmmakers documenting their encounters with cops in Miami and Miami Beach for a DVD called Man Vs. Pig.

Mueller explains Cop Block was formed in February 2010. "All too often when individuals have complaints against those sworn to protect them it can be a burdensome ordeal," the group's 29-year-old co-founder said. "Fighting in the court of public opinion is much more effective than trying to file a complaint against an officer."

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What an ass indeed!!   And make no mistake, the camera is what's keeping Officer Ruggeiro in line. Even amongst his own ranks this guy has a reputation for using excessive force and absusing authority.  It's hilarious to think that in a department of only 20 cops and even more recently publicized scandals. that they would have the audacity to name an "Officer of the month"!   The recent saga of Golden Beach corruption is far from over.  According blogger "The Mongoose" at , Officer R.R. - presumeably Ruggeiro- is on the list targeted by the state's ongoing investigation of corruption at the Golden Beach police department. The Golden Beach police is a re-occuring topic at LEOAFFAIRS, not surprising given the departments recent rash of dismissals, resignations, investigations and mismanagement...  The following is an excerpt from a post, by The Monggose, dated 4/16/11, the thread is titled "Golden Beach Corruption gets a Flyover".           "as I can assure you the rest of the trash will soon be taken out. Below is a list of the trash that has been disposed of and the ones pending disposal....Mayor G.S.Town Manager A.D.Captain J.B.Lieutenant R.B. (Disposed of)Sergeant L. P. (Disposed of)Sergeant O.P.(Disposed of)Officer Y.D. (Disposed of)Detective J.A.(Disposal pending)Officer R.R.Detective P.V.Officer O.S.Officer D.A"     see  (note: the above thread seems to be from a whistleblower, the replies, presumeably are from those named, who sound more like grade school bullies than entrusted officers of the law.... which makes it clear to me, that even if these thugs are innocent, these guys don't belong on the force, anywhere! or in any position of authority!!   I think all police should be video taped all the time.  If they can put dash cams on police cars they ought to put them on the cops too.  It'd be in the public interest, and shouldn't be a problem for the "good" cops.  It's because of cops like Robert Ruggeiro that we need checks and balances. 


People this is part of a corrupted police department. Three police officers have been arrested where two of them are still working as police officers and the other is on administrative leave.Let me tell you how all this corruption started. It started by the hiring of the Town Manager. The town manager then decided to hire all his corrupt buddies. The first one being lets say JB who he hired as the Captain. Captain who is a childhood friend of the Town Manager then brought in the rest of the croonies. Which of course they are all corrupt including the Town Manager. Next person hired was the person in the above article who did the pre-employment background investigations on the rest of the corrupt police officers .Now let me tell that not all the cops there are corrupt. There are eight corrupt cops there including the three that were arrested. It shows you how bad it is that the Town Manager hired a lieutenant that was investigated by FDLE and Miami Dade Public Corruption Unit for voters fraud and now they hired a new chief who was connected to Nevin Shapiro who is doing twenty years in prison. When will it end.


"Fighting in the court of public opinion is much more effective than trying to file a complaint against an officer."

Sure, since in the "court of public opinion" you can say whatever you want, true or not, and not have to back it up with evidence.  Such bullshit.


I respect their service for the most part, it's a tough job and I could never do it. But I have to say some of the dumbest people I have ever met were cops.


So I don't it or is it not a felony for an individual(first, second or third party,whatever) to film or tape a police officer while doing their duty?


thanks Pjones.  it'll be interesting to see how it will's another tidbit on this Golden Beach officer:

is this the same Robert Ruggiero born 4/26/1973, who was convicted for battery in 2001. 

i'm guessing he's amongst the 8 corrupt cops.... 


You may film absolutely anything you want while in public as long as it's viewable from public spaces. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy for anyone or anything in public and any attempt to limit that right is a violation of your constitutionally guaranteed rights.


No, it is not a felony.  It is perfectly legal to film PUBLIC servants while they are on duty.  

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