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More than 2,000 of you responded, and what did we discover? Miami is having sex -- and lots of it. But that's not really surprising. Miami is a sexy city, filled with libidinous people.

In fact, Miami, you're so horny, the majority of you lost your virginity before turning 18, 91 percent of you admit you masturbate, and most have sex at least once a week. Must be all that heat.

But there's a lot more we learned about you, Miami, like you have a big-time affinity for threesomes and friends with benefits. But let's not, er, climax too soon. Read on to find out the full results.

Want our sex survey results in nifty poster form? Click here to download the PDF.

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What Neighborhood are you located in?

North Dade 17%
West Dade 25%
Central Miami 17%
Beaches 14%
South Miami 23%
Homestead 4%

How old are you?

Under 18 .5%
18-25 32%
26-33 36%
34-41 16%
42-49 9%
50-57 4.5%
58-65 1.5%
66+ .5%


Male 66.3%
Female 33.3%
Trans 0.4%

What is your sexual orientation?

Straight 85%
Bi-sexual 8%
Gay/Lesbian 6%
Other 1%

What race are you?

White non-Hispanic 30%
Black non-Hispanic 8%
Hispanic/Latino 55%
Asian 2%
Other 5%



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The pill is not safe sex.  It is safe sex to prevent pregnancy but that is not what safe sex is about.  Safe sex is about preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.  


I just can't understand the low number of homosexual votes.  This is Miami right?  Which includes the beach right?

Now, I realize Craigslist may not be the best place in the world to do research, but it is at least a SAMPLING.  So if you go there you see literally CRAP for Men & Women connections.  But if you go to the Men/Men or Women/Women connections areas, they are OVERLOADED.

I just think it shows that NewTimes really doesn't penetrate the REAL audience of South Florida.  I've always thought that.  I'm not sure what demographic they thought they were writing too, but this is a good indicator they're not hitting the LARGEST demographics in South Florida.

So we could just call it 'NewTimes' and take the Miami part out.  Because it's really not about Miami.


the wild thing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

ceasar of the apes
ceasar of the apes

@ anthony nah its true if your black you have to work EXTRA hard just to get a chick to pay attention me I would for everything else yeah they completely based their onfo off stereotypes I got a philipino homeboy and hes like a super


I disagree with the comment on biased answers based on race/ethnicity. Look at the results carefully and the same old bias is there. Blacks seem to be the ones most thought of as well endowed and asians are pasive and not agresive. It seems many crossed the line when it came to general myths and perceptions regardless of the numbers and percentages of participation. And anyway in this town there is so much variety that we cant even begin to box ourselves into any generalizations at all.

ceasar of the apes
ceasar of the apes

yup that just proves everyting black non hispanic rated at 7.5% sexually attractive...and people wonder why I dont get layed very's not that I dont have game look at how the cities women look at me.....smh

Jesus Suarez
Jesus Suarez

Yes...MIAMI IS HOTTT HOTTT HOTTTT.......  Especially the Men....: )


Considering that the predominant race answering these question are (check the results for the highest percentage) of course they regard themselves to be the most aggressive and considering what a lot of the ones putting out look like it's no surprise that doggy is the favorite position there either.


"If you practice safe sex, what is your preferred method?

Condoms 67%The Pill 18%Withdrawl 7%Other 8%"

The pill is not "safe sex," nor, really, is withdrawal.  


I am sure if this was Vibe magazine, it what have been higher - for you! 

Ted Dbahsee
Ted Dbahsee

your right about that @freekiedeekie if it was done in new york or another state dominated by a different race that race would be the front runner on all survey questions   sooo this survey is kind of biased  but informative though........ makes me wanna bang now  lol   lemme call wifey for a quick one  laters people


I think they meant what the participants THINK is safe, this is Miami were talking about...Lolz

Caeser of the apes
Caeser of the apes

yeah it would have been fml...guess i gotta move to the A town to get a peice of ass dont i?

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