Sexy Sax Man Sergio Interrupts Miami Beach Commission Meeting With "Careless Whisper" (Video) UPDATE

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Steve Berke, a candidate for Miami Beach mayor, had a serious message at the city commission meeting last night: He wants current Mayor Matti Herrera Bower to resign.

Then Berke brought out some serious music to emphasize his point: a sexy sax man named Sergio with a live rendition of George Michael's "Careless Whisper." Never before has a commission meeting been quite so sensual.

Berke, a comedian and would-be reality TV star, approached the podium just before 7:30 last night during the public comment portion of the commission meeting.

His speech is fairly straightforward. He echoes charges made by another mayoral candidate, Dave Crystal, that Bower bent the rules to get two years of city pension for time she spent as a dental assistant before getting elected.

"I'm calling for your resignation, and if you'll consider resigning, I have the perfect resignation theme music for you," Berke says. "I present to you, sexy sax man superstar Sergio Flores."

Skip ahead to the two-minute mark to enjoy some saxophone magic in city hall:

Update: Berke put his own version of Sergio's serenade up on Youtube last night. The sound and video is quite a lick better than our filmed-off-public-access-television approach. Check it out:


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I love how at the end the guy next to the mayor says that he made half of this stuff up cause he's making a movie... hahah already making excuses!! And even if only half of what he said was true, she is still a corrupted Mayor who steals from the city she represents.


i dont ever wanna get scammed again, guilty mayors have no conscience


she turned out to be a crook, just like so many who get in a position of power. i voted for her several times, but not this time.


Matti Bower is also under investigation for an insider scheme that paid millions of taxpayer money to her friend who wanted the Lincoln Road maintenance contract.  This work was always done in-house but now we are forced to pay millions to a Matti Bower campaign contributor.  This is shameful.


Wow!  Matti Bower is a criminal.  She has been scamming the people she is supposed to represent.  I always felt she was corrupt but this just proves it.  I hope the State Attorney investigates this matter and takes appropriate action against any public figure who is found to be corrupt.  The Mayor of Miami Beach might go to jail - again.

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