Shawn Loftis, Globe-Trotting Gay Porn Star, Plays Dictator F/M/K With New Times

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Two weeks ago, Riptide broke the story that Shawn Loftis -- known on film as Collin O'Neal -- was canned from his Miami Dade Public Schools substitute teaching job when a principal found out about his prolific gay porn career.

Loftis tells us he still plans to fight the firing. In the meantime, he's gone back to his day job: traveling the world and having filmed sex with local hunks. For our upcoming Sex Issue, we Skyped Loftis in Cairo, which he was visiting with his "Papi", picked his brain about his job, and gleaned his, say, unique perspective on global politics. An outtake:

New Times: Filming gay sex in developing countries sounds kind of dangerous.
Loftis: I won't film in Saudia Arabia or places like that. When I was filming in
Lebanon, I was doing some b-roll at a famous monument--I didn't have the
models pick up there shirts or anything like that--when the secret police came
up and questioned us about what we were doing. The only thing that saved us
was one of the officers dug into my camera bag and pulled out Viagra. Then he
suddenly became my best friend.

That sounds like the beginning to a porn.
[Laughing] It does. At the time though, I wasn't feeling very sexy at the
prospect of going to Lebanese jail.

Let's play fuck/marry/kill. Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Il, Hosni Mubarak.
Oh God, and I can't choose kill/kill/kill? Okay, well, Kim Jong Il--kill. Castro--
marry. And rewind a few years and Mubarak... fuck.

Yes, he just said he'd marry Fidel Castro, in Miami. If you're riveted-- and how could you not be-- check out the rest of the interview when the Sex Issue is posted online tomorrow.

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Those are stupid typos-- although "braing" has a nice ring to it. Thanks for the heads-up.


"Canning" "braing"


check your typos. ...seems to happen quite often on your site.

Typical Miami story
Typical Miami story

Typical Miami story. Gets fired from teaching. Does not look for a white collar job. Gets paid for having gay sex on camera.

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