Strippers Edition: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Exotic Dancers

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Some things are so good they should not be f*cked with: Starsky and Hutch, rum and Coke, mugshots and Fridays.

But rules are made to be broken, especially random-ass Riptide rules. So we present you with a special midweek, Gulf Coast edition of Mugshots Friday Tuesday.

Today's version is devoted entirely to a merry troupe of strippers busted -- in the nude, of course -- Sunday at Hollywood Nights in Tampa.

Somehow, St. Petersburg Times reporter Stephanie Wang overlooked the comedic possibilities this weekend when she dashed out an informative but dry 119 words about the strip club bust. But hey, who wants to work on Sunday? (Well, except for these ladies.)

Here is the cast of characters, all charged with violating a Tampa ordinance that prevents nudity at establishments that sell alcohol.

Mugshots Tuesday1.jpg
The Huntsman: This hefty guy is the manager of Hollywood Nights, but we're guessing he's not all bad. Like, maybe he brings the Queen owner some of his own cash at the end of the night instead of getting rough with the ladies and demanding theirs.

snow white Tampa stripper.jpg
​Snow White: Cartoonishly large eyes? Check. Rosy-red cheeks? Check. Diamond-encrusted thong? Check.

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