Tayshana Murphy, Recruited by UMiami Basketball, Gunned Down in Harlem

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Tayshana Murphy, an 18-year-old basketball star in Manhattan who was being heavily recruited by the University of Miami women's basketball team, was fatally gunned down this past weekend in what appears to be a tragic case of mistaken identity. Murphy, ranked the 16th best point guard in the nation in her recruiting class by ESPN, was hanging out with friends in the crowded courtyard of a housing project in New York when she was shot.

The attack happened at 4 a.m. Sunday in Harlem. Details are sketchy, but it appears that a group of men from a different project was looking to retaliate for an assault that had occurred earlier in the day. The men targeted Murphy and chased her through a hallway before shooting her dead.

It appears Murphy was not connected to the earlier assault.

Murphy, a high school senior, had received interest from numerous schools, but ESPN reports that Katie Meier's Lady Canes squad had particular interest her.

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Yeah its a sad thing to happen but why at 18yo was she out at 4am. When she should have been home in the bed

Statan Burney
Statan Burney

this is so sad why are people so dumd amd stupid this young lady is not going see her dreams come true the peolpe who did it are animals  she not have a chance to play baskball she could have play in the WNBA or get a college education or be a mom the sad thing is they have takin it away from the beautiful young women why do we people do this things for what do people value life is this a game some people play i don't no this young women i am up her crying because it the same old dumd shit people i no god looking at us saying why


Geesh! Proofread please! Did a 3rd grader write this?

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