U-Haul-Careening Transgender Woman Bashes Blood Bank Bus, Makes Strange Defense In Court

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Jozy goes for a Sunday drive
"I'm a hot, sexy chick, and I don't like people fucking with me."

Such is the battle call of "Jozy" -- born Ira Deford -- a preop South Beach transsexual who this month took a historic stand in traffic court after bashing the side mirror of a blood bank's bus.

Jozy, age 39, is one of those relics of an era we'll call pre-Jersey Shore SoBe. She's loud, brash, and not employed in any traditional sense. ("I sell vintage clothing. I'm on disability, actually. I guess you could say I'm not a pillar of society.") On July 5, she was moving to a new apartment, driving a U-Haul at the intersection of Alton and Lincoln roads when she cracked the mirror of a plasma-donation truck parked outside Regal Cinemas.

The way Jozy describes it, the traffic cop who was on the scene was going to let her slide without a citation until she started complaining. "I was saying, 'Why is it legal to park a camper in the middle of the road?' and saying that the bus should have had its mirror folded in," Jozy recounts. "And the cop goes, 'Oh, you're a smart-ass," and starts writing the ticket."

She was charged with careless driving and faced a $500 fine. Jozy, it turns out, is no model driver. Since 2006, she's been charged with knowingly driving with a suspended license, disobeying a street sign, driving an unsafe vehicle, improperly backing up, improperly passing, twice having no proof of insurance, and twice not carrying her driver's license.

But she says, "I'm a fighter." So she contested the ticket in court. When a traffic judge told her she wouldn't have to pay if the citation was improperly filled out, Jozy played her trump card: The cop had indicated that Ira Deford was a woman.

Because she is technically a man, Jozy argued, the ticket should be tossed. "You can't have this both ways," she explains to Riptide. "If I can't marry my boyfriend because I have a penis, then you need to make damn sure that you mark my gender correctly when you give me a traffic ticket."

The case was dismissed September 9, although Jozy admits that might have had more to do with a lack of witnesses than her galvanizing argument.

This isn't the first time Jozy has stood up for her/his rights. She once planned a march of topless transsexuals on Washington, D.C. "I was going to walk right onto the Mall with my beautiful breasts hanging out," she declares. Unfortunately, she couldn't get anybody to bare boobs with her.

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            This is Jozy DeFord and I would liketo state first and foremost this article has been written in a much differentmanner that Mr. Garcia had explained to me would be his intent. The openingquote was said in a context of if someone is threatened by finding me to be ahot and sexy chic only to find I am technically male, I don't want them fuckingwith me for their misconceptions and issues. I don't need to wear a sign thatsays "I'm a tranny"! Many of his quotes are incorrect. For instance,the camper question to Officer Rosenthal was me asking where mine and the bloodbanks responsibility began and ended. She explained I had hit them; thereforeit was my fault, end of story. At that time I ask if I parked a camper thatextended into Alton and someone hit me would it be their fault. I am aware ofthe fact that the blood bank had processed their right to park there, howeveras I pointed out to the officer, after the incident the mirror had been placedagainst the body of the vehicle by one of its representatives, and it beingsuch a large vehicle why had that not been considered as an option before. Thatis when, after I and the other parties involved had been told I would not receivea citation that I was issued a ticket. And as the ticket reflects the damagewas determined to be $500.00 even though Ms. Rosenthal had explained to allparties involved it was much lower than that very amount earlier in the proceedings.My driving record which Mr. Garcia cites is lacking critical information, thatbeing all charges on my driving record were dismissed but one. I proved to thecourt that my license had not been suspended. It was a clerical error and Iclarified that issue with the court. Returning to this case I had in my originalresponse brought the point that, I a citizen in this democracy should not faceretaliation from the very persons whose motto is "to protect andserve" because I evoke my right to question authority and obtain knowledgeof law. Ms. Rosenthal, herself an immigrant to this country is surely aware ofthe possibilities afforded to her under such a democracy. When I appeared incourt the first time I did motion for a dismissal at which time the hearingofficer stated the only way to dismiss the case on that day was if the tickethad been filled out improperly. At which point I stated my gender had beenidentified incorrectly. The "judge" stated she could understand themistake and denied my motion. My points and the ones Mr. Garcia had conveyed hewas in agreement with is that Ms. Rosenthal had lost, not only her integrity asa law enforcement officer but as a human being who seemed less concerned withprotecting and serving Miami Beach's citizens as with her own interest againstthe 98 degree heat and her time constraints. Anyone who has dealt with MiamiBeaches finest are aware the majority of them are shall we say "curt"at best. In a country where gender is of such importance and people will fighttooth and nail against the GLBT community in their right to be treated withcivility. How could that box on that citation not be grounds to merit it aninvalid ticket. My argument in court wasn't just about getting out of a trafficticket. It was about the lack of accountability in a system that demands all myi's are dotted and t's are crossed and if they are not then my government maytake my money, my freedom or my life. Because I "passed" as a womanthe day of the incident and during my court appearance is irrelevant. I havefriends who have been together for years and they can't marry. Mercy hospitalwouldn't let one friend go into a recertification hearing for Ryan White forhis boyfriend because they were not legally bound. To address my “march onWashington” I must recall a story from my youth. One day my parents, brotherand I climbed a hill and my mom Andrea Flynn took off her white O.P shirt andsaid "yes, I’m free", and I thought to myself, “Why does my mom haveto be up her to be free with her body?” I did indeed want to havetransgendered, genetic women and anyone else who wanted to march toplessbecause I feel as if though the transgender population has an opportunity tochallenge laws and procedures that are based on gender, such as the fact thatwomen can be arrested for public indecency for being topless. Since we aretechnically males we cannot be. Many women and Transgendered women don’t wantto walk around without a shirt. I understand that. I am an educated person whohas tried to find my way in a very extraordinary experience known as life. Ican no longer "get by" and "have fun" without dying alittle every day if I don't do something. Our justice system has been createdwith checks and balances to insure truth and accountability are found andidentified and it must be held throughout its process. Ms. Rosenthal was inpossession of my drivers’ license and it was her duty to fill all informationcorrectly. In the very least it shows a presumptive, less than thorough applicationof her job and at worst a total disregard for the essence of her duty. WillMaya Lin live long enough to build our GLBT memorial? Will my country look backon this time with sadness and greater depths of compassion in their hearts?This isn't about some slick "tranny" getting over on the system. Thisis my brothers and sisters and that means all humans an injustice. The systemcannot pick and choice when it wants to adhere to the rules it created. In ThePerils of Indifference speech by Wiesel in 1999 speaks to how I feel in my liferight now. Why are there still commercials making fun of transgender on T.V. Wecertainly would not allow someone in blackface to get up and jive to sell uschicken. I know many of my sisters and brothers want to live quiet, peaceful,happy and loving lives and I wish you the greatest of success. However, all ofus not just the GLBT community, but every human being in this country needremember the scars we bare for the indifference so many have held while othersare forgotten. Rosa Parks didn't get up for that white man! Was she a uppitynegro who wanted to buck the system or a human being who challenged it for the greatercause, HUMANITY? All of us, every last one! If it takes a village then we mustn’tleave anyone out. Because as we all know there are so many different people inthis village. We live on Miami Beach in the United States with the World. Andwe are all one.


Another transsexual that's mentally ill, not surprising...


Jozy is the best! You go, girl!

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