Watch Chris Bosh Make His Acting Debut on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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It wasn't Michael Jordan in Space Jam (few things, unfortunately, are) but Chris Bosh made his network acting debut Wednesday night on an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Bosh was joined by Carmelo Anthony, and the two played former players of a legendary high school coach (played by the dad from The Wonder Years!) as they induct him into some sort of youth basketball hall of fame. Of course, this is Special Victims Unit and eventually sex crimes are involved.

Here's the video from BlackSportsOnline:

Later on in the episode, a fictional character who may or may not be based on a certain Kobe, is discovered to have been *spoiler alert* molested by Coach Wonder Years as a child.

Anyway, we don't think Bosh has any "Best Guest Actor in a Dramatic Series" Emmys in his future, but not a bad use of lockout downtime.

Bosh had appeared as himself once on Entourage, but apparently that previous acting experience didn't stop the producers from giving all the good lines to Melo.

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Fernie B
Fernie B

apparently it's about him getting sodomized...but i already saw that against the, meh, I'll pass. He looks a little bit like ET..Maybe we can do something with that

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