Woman Run Over, Killed by Her Own BMW SUV at Burger King HQ

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A woman was run over and killed by her own BMW SUV in a freak accident yesterday afternoon in the parking garage of Burger King's corporate headquarters in Miami. The woman had hit another car and got out to inspect the damage but forgot to put her car in park.

The incident happened around 6:20 p.m. yesterday in the garage of the building that houses Burger King's headquarters at 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr.

The woman was backing out of her parking space when she hit another car. She got out of her SUV to inspect the damage but neglected to put it in park. The vehicle ran over her before hitting two other cars.

She was pronounced dead on the scene. Her identity has not yet been revealed.

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There is no logic to this accident,as a BMW owner and being in the industry for over 3 decades.If you Put most cars in reverse and attempt to get out the vehicle will not let you as it will move in reverse immediatley.A BMWs,engine is reved just enough to have ample power that any indiviudal of sound mind will not be able to get out as the vehicle is rolling.My theory would be is the mental state of that driver,and age.Sadly,a life is lost so we need more analysis on this accident to come to a logical or illogical reason this sad incident occured.My prayers go out to the family.


For u and the person above, keep ur fuckin comment to ur self! That was my older sister, it could happen to anybody! All she was doing was leaving work, she could have did the damage to the other vehicle and jus left the scene!


Having worked there, I can see this happening. I wonder who it was.


Someone needs to submit this to the Darwin Awards.


Submit what? This story?

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