Bo Diddley's Son Arrested in Bo Diddley Plaza During Occupy Gainesville

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The Occupy Wall Street movement hit Florida in full force this week, with protests taking place from big cities like Miami to one-percenter retirement meccas like Naples. Naturally, college town Gainesville got in on the action, and held a demonstration in Bo Diddley Community Plaza. Bo Diddley's son was actually there, and promptly got arrested in a park named after his own father.

On Thursday night, about fifty protesters had assembled in Bo Diddley Community Plaza. The park is named after the rhythm and blues legend who spent his finals years living in nearby Archer, Florida.

They had planned to stay the night, but the city denied the group a permit to stay past the closing time of 11:30. Police gave the protesters about 30 minutes to vacate the park and take their protest to the sidewalks.

A group of protesters, including ​Ellas Anthony McDaniel, Diddley's 56 year-old son, chose to stay behind. McDaniel was arrested and charged with trespassing.

"This is my father's park," McDaniel told The Florida Independent Alligator. "For them to arrest me in that plaza is ludicrous. ... I'm an American. This is freedom of assembly."

McDaniel was not taken to jail, and police merely handcuffed those arrested, lead them to a police car, and released them minutes later.

After being released McDaniel rejoined the protest on the sidewalk.

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Howard Blount
Howard Blount

these people are goofy there are better ways to do things instead of being hard headed and stupid these protest are not going to make a difference if they do it will just be short term I say protest the protesters

Jim James
Jim James

I'm so glad the laid back left is now fired up all across America.   The reactionary tea baggers have run out of steam and are now irrelevant.  Let's see them try to top the 99% now, where are they?


Protesting protesters is the goofiest thing I've heard all month. My country was formed by protesters. Where do you come from?

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