Chad Henne is Out for the Season

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Be careful what you wish for Dolphins fans. Sure, a lot of us had hoped to have a Henne-less season, we just dreamed it would be because the team brought in someone better. Now we just have a gaping Quarterback void, because anonymous sources snitching to the Associated Press say Henne is out for the season.  Update: Uh, Sage Rosnefels is coming back. 

The team isn't talking publicly about Henne's status, but his separated non-throwing shoulder seems to be serious enough to require surgery. That surgery will end his season, and he'll be placed on the injured reserve list. 

Matt Moore will likely be the short term solution. He's been the main man in practice, and all indications lead to the probability that he'll be suiting up as the starting QB (the team's 16th in the post-Marino era) when the Dolphins meet the Jets on Oct 17th. 

Though the Dolphins have been combing the leftover QBs of free agency land lately. That list includes Trent Edwards, Brodie Croyle, Jake Delhomme and David Gerard. (There's also this little article concerning Mr. Kyle Orton). Delhomme and Gerard were said to be wary of talks with the Fins because the team wasn't prepared to offer them a contract that would indicate they'd be around for more than a few weeks, but if Moore under-performs the team may want to work up a sweeter contact for one of the two. 

In the long run though, hey this "Suck for Luck" campaign seems to be working flawlessly!

Update: The Fins have apparently signed QB Sage Rosenfels. He played with the team from 2002 to 2005, and saw all of two starts. Though he was responsible for one of the team's biggest comeback in history. He helped the Fins come back from a 23-3 deficit against the Bills to clinch a 24-23 win. Moore, however, will still likely be the team's starter for the foreseeable future. 

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